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ONE Board. ONE System. ONE Deck for Life.

Revolutionising the decking market!

At the heart of OneDeck’s innovation is its industry-first patented fixing system - SnapDeck Technology.

This cutting-edge system provides a superior decking finish while simplifying the entire installation process to just One Board & One System, saving our customers valuable time and labour.

The SnapDeck Technology Difference:

Closing the gap. Industry leading 3mm decking gap.

No unsightly clips or brackets. Completely invisible fixing.

Easy to install. Save up to 25% time on laying deck.

Simple to buy. One fixing for your whole installation.

Pioneering functionality. One fixing that performs multiple purposes.

SnapDeck strips are $3.90 inc GST each. For every 3 lengths of decking you require one SnapDeck strip per joist. We recommend a 450mm joist spacing.

OneDeck and SnapDeck – Patent Pending

Fastest & Easiest Installation

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OneDeck is proudly made in Australia by Think Fencing. Patent Pending.

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